Draught excluders for consumers that are well designed, that is our expertise.

Draft excluders

To prevent draft, dust, moist, noise and pollen in your home, a good quality mailslot in combination with a draught strip is a must. Both external and indoor doors benefit from weather stripping to make your house comfortable and save on your energy bill. Besides, it is the easiest way to help preserve our environment!


The entrance is the first area that visitors experience from your house, that’s why we take the design of our draught excluder products very seriously. Our postcatcher was awarded with a price for good industrial design.


Save energy

The fastest and easiest way to save energy is by using door-line draught proofing. The benefits come from the ease with which the products are fixed and the low initial buying costs. In many cases you can earn back the purchasing price in the first year after you bought the product. The long life span of our products help you to keep on saving for a long time.




door-line is the trusted consumer brand for decorative draught excluders. The draft range contains matching products such as letter plates, draught strips and the (design award winning) post catcher. Also available in OEM. Read more.

Dutch craftsmanship

door-line draught excluders are made in our own factory in Nijkerk, in the middle of the Netherlands. We produced brushes ever since the factory was founded in 1941 by grandfather Hendrik Zuiddam and his brothers. Later on we started producing the plastic components that are such an important part of the final product. The second and third generation in our family enterprise dedicate themselves to make ever better and better looking products in the field of draught excluding.


In our company we involve people with a distance to the labourmarket. We work with ISO quality and sustainability standards. In 2016 we will start a program that wille enable us to retrieve old products and directly recycle them into the raw material that we use for new products. Internally we already do this with almost all of our waste. Our products help to save energy, which makes them sustainable.


door-line products are available at selected retailers and whole sellers both for professionals and DIY. All draught excluding products are available in the webshop.

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